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See our reviews of top quality Exercise Equipment for use at home. We consider quality, features, user’s opinions, durability, price and performance to offer you an unbiased opinion. Because we do not make or sell Exercise Equipment, we can provide you with our findings no matter who the fitness equipment is made by. We also make it easy for you to buy, at great prices.

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Never before in Human history, has it been more important to take responsibility for our own Health and Fitness. Fortunately technology is helping, providing us with ever improving Home Exercise Equipment to make that possible. Today, millions of men and women own and use quality exercise equipment at home, to enhance their appearance, health and fitness. If you choose well , your selection of new Exercise equipment should last for years, keep you looking great, and save a lot of Money on Gym memberships.

“Price is not your only guide” when buying Exercise Equipment.”
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Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Exercise Equipment.

The History of Exercise

We can trace the Fitness movement all the way back to Prehistoric man, where fitness equaled survival. As nomadic lifestyles were replaced by setting down roots in one place, many of the naturally occurring physical fitness activities were gradually replaced by chores and then progressively by an even less active lifestyle.

Well before the birth of Christ, the Chinese recognized the link between Exercise Programs and the reduction of Disease. Confucius promoted regular physical exercise, and Kung Fu was developed as a framework.

In a similar way, 5000 years ago, Yoga was developed in India, and is now practiced all over the world, including by 12 Million modern day Americans.

Exercise for strength and stamina has been critical to the Military throughout History, and exercise is acknowledge as a key component of good Mental Health as well.

Sadly over recent generations, Fitness and Exercise have dropped off as part of life in the general population. As wealth and technology has grown the focus has moved on to personal entertainment.

Today the wisest among us use quality fitness equipment and well designed home exercise equipment on a daily basis, for good health and great physical appearance.

With such a wide range of exercise equipment now available it can be very confusing trying to find a product to suit your needs, at a competitive price, so here we focus our reviews on the best exercise equipment in the most popular fitness areas, and show you where you can buy it easily at competitive prices.

Our GPS running watches and Heart rate monitor reviews, look at the best products available to track not only your heart rate, but provide a multitude of statistics on numerous elements of your fitness routine. Manufactured by leading names like Garman and Nike, these training aids also provide additional motivation as you move toward your goals.

Without question, no fitness program is complete with Resistance Training. Also known as Strength Training, this approach uses Resistance to increase the activity of your muscles during workouts. This leads to increased muscle size and definition, improved Aerobic capacity, greater Muscle strength and significantly higher bone density. We look at Great Ab Trainers, the best Dumbbells, top home Gyms, and the best weight benches, along with Medicine Balls, Kettlebells and Ankle weights as well as structural equipment like Power Towers and Dip Stands.

Perhaps most important of all is your Cardio training. Also referred to as Aerobic Training, this focuses on your ability to deliver increasing amounts of Oxygen to your cells over a prolonged period of time. With increased oxygen, your body can perform a desired activity at a higher level for longer, which in many cases allows it to burn more calories as part of your fitness and weight management routines. In this category we review the best Steppers, Rowing Machines, Motorized Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, and Elliptical Trainers, as well as Manual Treadmills.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that there is a spiritual aspect to exercise, and many would suggest that Yoga best embodies it. For practitioners, we look at the very best Yoga Mats, along with Clothing and accessories.

Pilates is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates . This form of exercise aims to enhance the entire body, improves endurance and control, as well as balance, strength and coordination. We review the best Pilates Reformers and the top Balance Balls available.

Inversion Tables offer great benefit for those with Back or joint issues, and for many are an essential piece of exercise equipment. We provide reviews on top models.

Vibration Platforms are among the most recently developed approaches to exercise, and many will tell you that the Jury is still out as to their real effectiveness.

However the process of standing the correct way, on a rapidly vibrating Platform, which forces your muscles to react rapidly, but under little skeletal stress, is thought to have a wide range of benefits. It is said to be fantastic for Balance, Blood Pressure, Muscle Tone, Bone Density, and more. We look at some great examples, and they are often available at fantastic prices.

To round it all out we look at the best guided Exercise Programs.

If you like the concept of a training partner or coach in your living room with you, these DVD based Exercise Programs can offer you the motivation, guidance and routine you need to look and feel your best.


Your past experience with a specific type or brand of Exercise Equipment, perhaps from time spent in the gym, is an obvious advantage when you are choosing from the world’s best Fitness Equipment. It’s natural to be drawn to what you know, but you might be overlooking a better product, or missing out on a better value option, which would leave more Money in your pocket, to add even more items of exercise equipment to your home gym.

That’s where reviews come in

Because we do not sell any Exercise Equipment, we can recommend the best, no matter who makes it. Our reviews offer you the benefit of the opinions and experience of those who already own and use each of the items we consider.

So no matter if you have a lot of experience, or know very little about Exercise Equipment, our reviews will broaden your knowledge of the options available, and in most cases we can direct you to prices well below that normally paid for each item.

In some cases it’s true that the more expensive options are also the best choice, especially where strength of construction, or the power of a motor are a major factor in the performance or longevity of your Fitness Equipment, but often there are excellent, less expensive options that we rank more highly.